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Denisia (Vol. 74, No. 1; 2017)

The Study of Prepared Condition to Trust a Company with Customer-Company Type of E-commerce Companies

Smith, M.*, Pantoo, K., Shield, F.

In social interactions as a social capital of trust remembered but there is confidence in e-commerce issues beyond social capital and in fact is part of the company's assets. Trust is the willingness to trust electronic means (online shoppers) to accept vulnerability to an online seller, based on positive expectations about the future behavior characteristics and seller. Trust in the electronic environment is similar to the actual environment associated with elements such as security, risk and reputation and in relation to security. The life cycle of electronic trust in online transactions the company - customers have steps. It is the early stages of complete unawareness online buyer to the seller online, the formation, maintain the continuity and ultimately loss since gaining trust is a difficult and complex issue. Therefore, efforts to protect and prevent the loss of it. In this study, the adaptation of the definitions of e-readiness, the ability of an e-commerce company in establishing, maintaining, preventing loss of confidence and ultimately rebuild trust lost be prepared to trust electronic defines as e-commerce company by selecting the appropriate model, was assessed the readiness of e-trust e-commerce company.

The Behavior of Shoppers of E-Commerce on Social Networks Considering The Moderating Influence of Culture on The Buyers Online

Fredrick, T.*, Ronasel, A., Caluse, D.

With the increasing popularity of social media, millions of users used the services of social media spaces like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and ... Subsequently, many organizations know this phenomenon as an opportunity to create new business. This is known as social commerce. This makes cooperation in future marketing and sales users. Thus, e-commerce is undergoing a revolution which is influenced by the adoption of Web capabilities to increase customer participation and achieve greater economic value. The behavior of buyers in the social commerce platform makes creating more value for owners of e-commerce in the context of social commerce. For this reason, in this study the behavior of buyers of e-commerce in social networks in view of the moderating influence of culture on it. This study is a practical study and with regard to data collection, this is a cross-sectional descriptive survey method. Data analysis was based on 2,300 active professionals in the IT industry and users of social networks. The findings show that transmission reliability due to familiarity, social identity, and stylistic influence on purchase intention in the social network. But social influence of feel close to make an impact on purchase intention.

Identifying Obstacles of Executing Operational Budgeting (Evidence from Iran)

Ziaei Bigdeli, M.T.*, Rashnooiy, M.

Forming operational budgeting system was started when public management paradigm was mentioned and was executed in Europe step by step. The main characteristic of modern public management is focus on efficiency, effectiveness and economic saving in consumption and applying public resources by using action mechanisms in private sector which lead to changing governments’ budgeting from planning into operational. The purpose of writing the current paper is to identify the obstacles of executing operational budgeting. The research is applicable from goal view and descriptive from data collection. Data gathering tool is questionnaire which library and fieldwork were utilized for its designation. Statistical society includes 172 financial experts and accountants of Lorestan University of Medical Sciences in Iran which decreased into 120 ones applying sampling formula. For measuring obstacles of executing operational budgeting, five main dimensions contain planning ability, cost analysis ability, information systems, organizational structure and performance measurement were utilized. The results of applying Binomial test illustrated that all variables include planning ability, cost analysis ability, information systems, organizational structure and performance measurement were identified as obstacles of executing operational budgeting. Meanwhile no preference was found among the variables.

Human Resources and Marketing Interactions Affect the Implementation of the Marketing Strategy

Zhu, J.*, Diang, M., Wou, K., Zhang, A.

Implementation of marketing strategy is dependent on the staff how well selected, trained, guided and evaluated? Studies that present obstacles in implementing marketing strategies related to human factors. The aim of this study is to examine the interaction of human resources and marketing on marketing strategies. The population in this study design, engineering and supply parts for Hyundai's Korean employees. Data was collected using simple random sampling with volume of 800. The correlation analysis, confirmatory factor analysis, path analysis using the SPSS software were used in data analysis. The results showed that there is a significant relationship between top management support and keep in touch, communication, written and interpersonal communication. In contrast, top management support had no significant effect on increasing conflict between different parts of the organization. Appropriate reward system had a positive effect on keeping in touch, communication, written and interpersonal communication. But an appropriate reward system had no effect on increasing conflict between different parts of the organization. Finally, it was suggested that, to provide senior management commitment to facilitate planning and engagement marketing and human resources. Also, senior management strive to create a stronger link between marketing and human resources. These can be combined with the implementation of marketing strategy contains contact the appropriate reward system, reduce tensions between members of the marketing and human resources, enhance coordination between units.

Information Technology Utilization in Employees’ Empowerment (Evidence from Iran)

Rashnooiy, M.*

Today employees are the most important weapons for organizations to compete in complex environment. Human resources can be considered as the most important factor to gain competitive advantage. The purpose of writing the current paper is to survey information technology on employees’ empowerment in an Iranian company. For measuring empowerment seven main dimensions include Professional development Job opportunities, Increasing knowledge, Decision making engagement, Independency and freedom, Self controlling and Performance quality were used. The research is applicable from goal view and descriptive from data collection. Also data gathering method is library and fieldwork. For data collection a questionnaire include 54 questions in two parts was designed and after proving its validity and reliability distributed among statistical society. It contains 2251 employees of Asia Insurance Company which decreased into 334 one applying sampling formula. Sampling strategy was simple random. The results of applying Pearson and Regression tests illustrated that information technology affect significantly on employees’ empowerment. Meanwhile “increasing knowledge and awareness” was selected as the most important one.

Surveying the Influence of Organizational Readiness on E-commerce Acceptance

Farjou, L.*, Eslami, M.

Nowadays information technology plays vital role in organizational survival. In this regard, e-commerce helps organizations to do their works quickly and more accurately than before. The main purpose of writing the current paper is to survey the influence of organizational readiness on e-commerce acceptance. For this mean, three main dimensions include technology perception, organizational resources and capabilities along with organizational policies were considered for measuring e-commerce. Statistical sample includes 384 managers and experts in SMEs of Iran. The research is applicable from goal view and descriptive from data collection. Data gathering tool is questionnaire which library and fieldwork were used for its design. The results of applying Structural Equation Model in LISREL software showed that organizational readiness and its dimensions affect significantly and positively on e-commerce acceptance in which the influence of technology perception on e-commerce acceptance was more than other variables.

Inter-nationalization of Higher Education: Reasons, Benefits, Strategies, and Plans

Kayzouri, A.H.*, Hosseini, M., Kheirabadi, A.R.

The meaning of inter-nationalization should now be considered from a broader perspective. The higher education affects and at the same time, is affected by the culture of the society in which it exists. It has an effect on the society through policy-making, funding, and planning. In today’s changing world, the idea of inter-nationalization of higher education especially in developing countries has been deduced from globalization of education process. Higher education has now become a real part of the globalization process: the cross-border matching of supply and demand. Consequently, higher education can no longer be viewed in a strictly national context. This calls for a broader definition of inter-nationalization, which embraces the entire functioning of higher education and not merely a dimension or aspect of it, or the actions of some individuals who are part of it. Higher education has been successful in providing mechanisms for student mobility because institutions have not successfully engaged the faculty that mobility is not as sizable as it should be, but also, in and of itself, will not deliver the learning, discovery, and engagement that we seek through inter-nationalization. Inter-nationalization has never been a one-way process; rather it comprises attempts to realize mutual communication or exchange, largely oriented and regulated by government. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the reasons, benefits, strategies, and plans of the inter-nationalization of higher education. This research has been conducted by the library method.

Ranking of Organizational Learning through the Efficiency of Human Resources by Means of Structural Equations and Analytic Network Process

Carnchard, E., Senifre, D., Yonigad, K.

In today's competitive world, to continue the growth and survival of organizations, create and develop a solution for effective productivity among the factors affecting productivity, manpower well as the most important factor productivity. On the other hand, organizations must have the ability to adapt to environmental changes. To this end, organizations need to learn. Science and technology parks in the world, in order to increase the wealth of society, promote science and technology among institutions of higher education and research. Therefore, it is important to promote organizational learning, organizational knowledge and boost productivity. This study was conducted to assess the relationship between organizational learning and labor productivity. This was done through labor productivity factors contains examine the relationship between organizational learning and productivity of manpower, organization learning Rankings. To collect data, we have used two questionnaires organizational learning and labor productivity. To investigate the relationships, use of structural equation modeling. To rank the components of organizational learning has been used by factors of labor productivity, the integration of structural equation model and ANP. The results showed that there was a significant positive relationship between organizational learning and labor productivity. Analysis of the results using a mix showed that the priority component is the acquisition of knowledge and institutional memory to allocate resources in order to improve the efficiency of human resources.

A Review of the Impact of Ethical Reputation of Brand and Perceived Value of Clients on Customer Loyalty (Case Study of Customers, Gaaj and Qalamchi Scientific-Research Inst. Khuzestan)

Monjezi, M.*

Today, interest in research in the field of marketing ethics and social issues and social power is growing, In fact, consumers in the social activities of many firms and has attracted comply with ethical issues; So that as one of the criteria considered by many consumers trust the brand. The aim of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of customer perceived value, customer loyalty is a moral reputation. Research population was scientific and research institutes Gaj and Ghalamchie of the population in this study is the unknown. The number of samples according to the sample of 384 is considered. The researchers had used the random sampling method available. To collect data from a standard questionnaire which its validity by professors and experts approved and its reliability was confirmed by Cronbach's alpha was used. For data analysis and structural equation modeling software is used smartpls. The results suggest that high moral standing and perceived value on customer satisfaction influences. On the other hand moderator role in influencing perceived value on customer satisfaction as well as moral standing has been approved. Finally customer satisfaction factors influencing business has loyal customers.

Investigating the Influence of Organizational Culture on Decision Making (Evidence from Iran)

Saeedi, L.*

One of the most important topic which affects lots of organizational output is organizational culture which has been attended by global managers in recent years. The main purpose of writing the current paper is to survey the influence of organizational culture on managers’ decision making. Current study can be considered as a descriptive survey if to view from data collection aspect and as used research if to investigate the goals of the study. To gather the data library method (to refer to books, articles, libraries, etc...) and fieldworks (questionnaire) was being used. For measuring organizational culture ten main dimensions include relational patterns, personal creativity, risk taking, conflict, management support, control, integration, organizational attachment, rewards and leadership were applied. Statistical society includes 179 different level managers in Dana insurance company in Tehran/Iran which 123 ones were selected by applying sampling formula. The results of applying Pearson correlation and Regression tests illustrated that organizational culture and its dimensions apart from risk taking, organizational attachment and relational patterns affect significantly and positively on managers’ decision making. Meanwhile the influence of rewards on managers’ decision making was more than other variables.

Evaluation of Success and Failure Factors for the Investment Using the Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process FAHP

Chito, F.*, Yong, T., Yu, D.

The aim of this study was to evaluate the success and failure of investment, in the form of a case study the investment in the construction industry using fuzzy hierarchical analysis. In terms of purpose, methodology is applied and in terms of data collection, research is a descriptive survey method. The study population included managers and investment experts China's automobile industry. The sample included 380 people from the industry executives. They were selected using sampling judgment. Data were collected by a questionnaire that its reliability was assessed using content validity. The results of the analysis indicate that among the main criteria for research, economic factors have the greatest impact on the success and failure of investment; while business environment, internal factors, industry conditions, regulatory legal factors, political factors, social factors were in place in the next cultural significance. In total, according to data collected and analysis conducted, the conceptual model will be accepted.

Risk Supply Chain Using Multi-criteria Decision-making in Small Businesses

Fernand, F.*, McKont, E., Ragers, W.

The rapid global developments forces organizations to review risk management in the supply chain, to overcome the precarious conditions of their surroundings. In general, the supply chain is a chain that includes all activities related to the flow of goods into products, from raw material procurement stage to the final delivery to the consumer. Supply chain management is one of the fundamental problems facing the industrial manufacturing companies. All activities affect the production of goods and services required for customers. Hence, according to opportunities and threats in the global business arena and evaluation of risks facing the organization in this field is crucial, due to a variety of risks in the supply chain and the importance and effectiveness of the entire chain. This paper points to some of the concepts of risk and supply chain, specifically risks in the supply chain for small businesses. This review was identified risks using multi-criteria decision and the method of AHP. These risks are prioritized based on the type and amount of influence. Primary data collection was conducted through a questionnaire and has been used for weighting of interviews with experts.

Surveying the Influence of Internal Marketing on Cultural Intelligence (Evidence from Iran)

Saeedi, L.*

Cultural intelligence can be considered as a very important factor in modern organizations and nowadays plays vital role in multi-cultural organizations. The main purpose of writing the current paper is to survey the influence of internal marketing on cultural intelligence in Tehran food industry. For measuring internal marketing five main dimensions include reward, meeting employees’ needs, development, vision and delegation and to measure cultural intelligence four main dimensions contain meta cognitive, cognitive, motivational, behavioral ones were applied. The research is applicable from goal view and descriptive from data collection. Also data gathering method is library and fieldwork and its tool is questionnaire which designed in two separated parts. Statistical society includes all managers and employees in Tehran food industry which decreased into 410 ones applying sampling formula. The mentioned questionnaire was distributed among statistical sample after proving its validity and reliability. The results of applying Pearson correlation and Regression tests illustrated that internal marketing and its dimensions affect significantly and positively on cultural intelligence. Meanwhile the influence of rewards on cultural intelligence was more than other internal marketing dimensions.

The Relationship between Disclosure and Corporate Governance of Tehran Stock Exchange

Esfandani, N.*

Life source information market and prevent the flow of information gave indications of the market. Whatever the activity of companies. More transparency, the more accuracy with the stock price. This research is similar to the future, can help considerably in understanding better the factors affecting the extent of information disclosure. As a result users with an understanding of the subject and know the amount of optional information different companies and according to their needs, to invest. The results indicate that it is of the amount of the corporate governance system works and the only significant institutional ownership and direct relationship with the level of disclosure. It also can be according to the findings of the study, claimed that the concurrent use of corporate governance mechanisms, and report system leads to cost reduction, info casting caused by information asymmetry. Companies that have a higher level of disclosure of information, institutional shareholders are entitled to more. Major institutional investors due to the ownership of the shares of the companies, a stronger incentive to monitor the disclosure practices of companies and usually wants to provide the correct and timely information about the company and continually analyze the price information. So the managers may need to satisfy shareholders action to disclose this information, more information and more quality. As well as the disclosure of information in the company's prestige makes the sight of long-term institutional investors. The research method is and the type of documents and library research review article.

Training in Independent Auditors' Missing Link; Emotional Intelligence Training

Allode, D.*, Esteer, M., Dolpe, K.

Financial reporting entities that reflect the needs and expectations of various groups including investors, creditors, government and managers. The information they need to make the right decisions, rather than economic, planning, supervision and accountability, In the current socio-economic system, the task of the independent auditor's opinion on the financial statements. Independent auditors with respect to professional liability against third parties, this is required to take specialized courses. Independent auditor training course is intended for all, including specialized courses such as financial management, accounting standards, auditing standards, familiarity with anti-money laundering laws and so on. But it is not given to emotional intelligence training, as a matter of principle independent auditors in career success. In this paper, the proposed definitions of emotional intelligence and emotional intelligence in business applications independent audit. The importance of education and the importance of emotional intelligence and its role in the activities of independent auditors. The results of previous studies, confirms the influential role of emotional intelligence in an individual's life and work successfully. Finally, according to an independent audit requirements for success in the profession, and in line with previous studies, confirmed the need for emotional intelligence training to independent auditors.

New Triangle in Management Concepts: Mixed Organization of Knowledge, Knowledge Workers and Knowledge Management

William, A.*, Mirand, F., Schmitt, W.

Given the importance of knowledge in today's highly competitive environment, the creation of knowledge-based organizations is essential to successfully achieve goals faster. The High School will not be successful in the creation and development of knowledge, that does not properly implement knowledge management in the organization. The key to success in the knowledge-based economy is human capital, where the distinction from other organizations, with a competitive advantage. The ability of employees to benefit from knowledge-based organization, more than ever it is important to identify the characteristics of the employees. This paper reviews the combination of features of knowledge and knowledge workers based on the model of Stuart. It is a model for knowledge management in organizations. Also, check the necessary steps to becoming a knowledge organization as well.

Relationship Between The Executive Agents and Academic Achievement of Students in Boarding Schools in Neyshabur City

Kayzouri, A.H.*, Meshkani, A.R., Khoobchehreh, M.

Study variables that are associated with student achievement, it is one of the research major issues in the education system. The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between the executive agents (managers, assistants, advisers and supervisors) and academic achievement of students in boarding schools across the Nishapur City. The research is descriptive and correlational, all students has been executed in boarding schools in the Neyshabur City, and were randomly selected a boys school and a girls school randomly from each of 60 and a total of 120 patients. The data gathering tools included a questionnaire measuring the performance of executives ranging from managers, assistants, administrators and advisers that reliability by using Cronbach's alpha was obtained 80.1. As well as for statistical analysis was used SPSS software for descriptive and inferential statistics. Results showed that the performance of managers, assistants and advisors, there is a significant relationship with academic achievement and between superior performance and academic achievement is not a significant relationship. It also between the executive agents in school, adviser performance was more important in academic achievement.

Provide a New Method for Determining the Optimum Components in Electronic Customer Satisfaction Evaluation Online

Dikor, E.*, Filame, H., Richard, D.

Development of the Internet has led to the formation of a new channel for business activities. Increased tendency of companies to create web and e-commerce activities. This has led to intensified competition in this environment. Due to increasing customer choice and power in this environment, it is convoluted satisfaction, retention and loyalty of current customers and attract new customers. In this study were part of previous research in the field of electronic satisfaction, with the aim of creating a kind of intelligence to identify and extract the optimal satisfaction metrics mail. Analysis of factors were extracted from the literature using Cronbach's alpha coefficient and Friedman test. Finally, a conceptual model was optimized using the parameters. Environmental factors adding to this concept, now you can use it to measure the satisfaction of the basic design of the questionnaire and mail.

The Relationship between Revenue Management and Fraud in the Financial Accounts

Hobert, K.*, Leitor, V., Andreis, C.

Auditors already deep in claims management, they are not raising their expectations for example, preliminary analysis, so management explained that they are satisfied which could be unfounded in cases of fraud completely and easily lose their professional skepticism. From this view, you've come to the conclusion that in the financial statement audit companies in the industry with advanced technology should be afraid of accrual accounting. In committing to all those in the financial statements of the Company at the balance sheet date or is paid without receipt. Unaware of this, statistics on high-technology industry in the rapid growth of this industry profile which does not apply at all times. Another point that should not be ignored, the strategic nature of fraud. Fraud in the financial statements, a strategy game launches between managers and auditors. The auditors in fraud detection methods are stronger and more effective way to act. Blinds are tax fraud, managers do not sit quiet. Methods of fraud are more advanced so the point is that accounting fraud is more exciting.

Surveying the Influence of Sales Promotion on Consumers’ Decision Making Process

Farjou, L.*, Haeri, M.

Today’s advertising plays vital role in organizations’ profitability and lots of organizations all around the world apply different advertising methods to gain more customers. Utilizing advertising makes organizations to achieve new customers which results to more sales and profits for them. The main purpose of writing the current paper is to survey the influence of sales’ promotion on consumers’ making process. The research is applicable from goal view and descriptive from data collection. Data gathering tool is questionnaire which library and field work were utilized for its designation. For measuring consumers’ decision making process, five main dimensions include identifying buyers’ needs, collecting buyers’ information, measuring options, sales decision making and after sales behavior were used. Statistical society includes all customers of Niakan brand in Tehran/Iran which 385 ones were selected as statistical sample. The results of applying Pearson correlation and Regression tests illustrated that sales’ promotion affects significantly and positively on consumers’ decision making process and all its dimensions. Meanwhile the influence of sales’ promotion on sales’ decision making was more than other variables.

The Impact of WTO Rules on Trade-economic Growth of Developing Countries

Ahmadi, F.*, Afshari, M.

World Trade Organization is on trade liberalization inclusive international institution. The monitoring organization formally launched at the beginning of January 1995 and replaces Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), which was created in 1958. There in the direction of economic development for all countries, because countries such as the World trade organization Consultants for developing countries because of inconsistencies in the laws and legal regulations, trade policies, principles of foreign policy and import and export regulations a lot of costs, so they would have to achieve optimal trade-economic growth, free trade economies to comply with complex regulations business in compliance with, they accept the charges associated with membership in the World trade organization. This research aim’s to study the impact of World Trade Organization WTO rules on trade-economic growth of developing countries.

The Necessity of Preventing the Extinction of Persian Honeybee (Apis Mellifera Meda), A Valuable Biotic and Genetic Resource of Iran

Ghassemi Khademi, T.*

Native Iranian honeybee (Apis mellifera meda) is considered as one of the most precious biological and genetic reserves of Iran, which has been adapted to indigenous conditions in Iran for thousands of years and today protecting this valuable animal species is one of the important issues to be considered seriously. The main habitat of this subspecies is the Alborz Mountains and Central Iran but its distribution area includes Iran, Iraq, and southeastern Turkey, Lebanon and Palestine. In Iran, there is only this subspecies of common honeybee with three sub-population inside the country. This subspecies has one of the largest dissemination areas among the different ordinary honeybee subspecies. Due to the cost savings and good wintering, these bees have good economic performance. Before the arrival of foreign queens to Iran, there was a pure race of Iranian honeybees in the country, but between the years 1961 and 1985, a large number of queen bees of other subspecies was entered the country which resulted in undesirable effects due to some uncontrolled crossings with the Iranian subterranean species, so that today it is very difficult or even impossible to find a 100% pure Persian bee (meda). Unfortunately, today some beekeepers use foreign queens to increase production, and this, if continued, will results in the gradual disappearance of Iranian honey bee and the best solution is breeding of the native honeybee based on scientific methods.

Human Resource Management Strategies in Urban Crisis Management; Case Study: Sari City Fire and Safety Services

Yakhkeshi, M.*, Tabrizi, N., Azadnia, A.H.

This paper discusses development and prioritization of human resources management strategies based on swot in fire and safety services to the city of Sari. The objectives of this research is identifying the weaknesses, strengths, opportunities and threats of human resources and strategy of human resource management more efficient organization and methods to help reduce the adverse effects resulting from the occurrence of the crisis possible fire and safety services the City of Sari. It is needed to analyze the data and then interpret them, means the classification analysis, adjust, process, and summarize the data to find answers to questions of the research. The purpose of the analysis, data reduction are understood and interpreted. At this stage of the research process a lot of data is collected Jam that the strategy of the four models, SWOT, for optimal management of human resources in fire and safety Services City of Sari in the first priority of the organization and aggressive strategies for optimal management of human resources in fire and safety services municipality Sari is located in the lower position.

Present a Model for the Main Factors Swot Matrix Approach F.mcdm

Grenier, P.*, Higbee, L.

Despite the SWOT tool capabilities in the areas of strategic management, and the ability to identify environmental conditions within organizations, the impact of personal judgment and experience in the following weighted criteria, It partly undermines the reliability. The aim of this study provide a model for the selection of functional strategies based on fuzzy multi-criteria decision approach. In this study, library and field is used to collect information. Work method, is analytic. The present study is an applied research. Strategy obtained were screened initially method. Then using fuzzy the influence and determine the relationships between the main factors SWOT was discussed. Analysis of the data suggests that the criterion most influential threats and opportunities are affected most.

Selecting Proper Portfolio Using Fuzzy Metaheuristic Algorithms Considering Uncertainty in Stock Exchange

Abdollahi, F.*, Gholami, M.

Portfolio selection is one the important principles in investment and risk of this choice has considerable importance. Increasing the profit and decreasing the risk has always been a concern for investors and they are looking for a way to have the best offer for buying stocks in a way that let them get maximum efficiency and minimum risk of investment. On the other hand, in different investments, most people without adequate analysis face uncertainty. To mark important reasons, factors like overall condition of economy in a country, expectation of stakeholders, buyers and sellers from future of the market and also political changes can be mentioned. Fuzzy theory is a powerful tool to describe problems in environments with uncertainty and ambiguity. In this research, as the first stage, by introducing the two-goal model Fuzzy portfolio, portfolio optimization method is presented. Then, after modeling using Meta-heuristic methods, solving methods are introduced. To solve this model, two Meta-heuristic algorithms of MOPSO and NSGAII are used. Ability of these algorithms in solving this model by mean ideal metric, diversification metric and spacing metric are studied. MOPSO algorithm had a better performance in two indices of diversification and spacing and NSGAII algorithm had a better performance in mean ideal metric. Finally, with conclusion of made results and using TOPSIS method, MOPSO algorithm is introduced as the superior algorithm.

Surveying the Influence of Organizational Justice on Organizational Commitment

Heidari, S.A.*, Asadi Oujaei, S.S.

In recent studies, organizational justice is mentioned as an affecting factor on the growth and excellence of organizations. In spite of the enormous consideration has been paid to this subject, but there is confusion about what it is and how development organizations are. In the current study the influence of organizational justice on organizational commitment was surveyed. The research is applicable from goal view and descriptive from data collection. Data gathering tool is questionnaire which library and fieldwork were utilize for its designation. Statistical society includes 298 employees of central bureau of Iran insurance company which 169 ones were selected applying sampling formula. For measuring organizational justice, three main dimensions include distributive justice, procedural justice and interactional justice were utilized. A questionnaire contains 59 questions was designed and distributed among statistical society after proving its validity and reliability. The results of applying Pearson correlation and Regression tests indicated that organizational justice and its dimensions affect significantly and positive on organizational commitment.

Surveying the Influence of Market Orientation on Business Performance (Case Study: An Iranian Organization)

Heidari, S.A.*, Farjou, L., Asadi Oujaei, S.S.

Today, successful organizations try to gain more market share than their rivals. For this mean, market orientation has been one of the most important strategies for economic organizations. The main purpose of writing the current research is to survey the influence of market orientation on improving business performance in Mellat Bank (Tehran/Iran). The research which is applicable from goal view and descriptive from data collection, for data collection a questionnaire in two separated parts was utilized. Also data gathering method is library and fieldwork. For measuring market orientation, three main dimensions include customer orientation, competitor orientation and inter functional coordination were applied. Statistical society includes 315 employees of central bureau of Mellat Bank which decreased into 174 ones applying sampling formula. Sampling strategy is simple random. The results of applying Spearman and Friedman tests illustrated that market orientation and its dimensions affect significantly on competitive strength. Meanwhile competitor orientation was selected as the most important one.

Model Fitting of the Key Success Factors of Process Reengineering Projects (Case Study: Namakaran Ilia Company)

Hosseini, M.H., Moghadam, M.M.*

This research is aimed at fitting the model of the key factors behind the success of reengineering processes at the Iliya companies. The statistical population of this research was all employees of the company (163), of whom 115 were selected as statistical sample. The data collection tool was a questionnaire consisting of 22 items. In this research, SPSS and smartPLS software were used for data analysis and analyzes such as hybrid reliability, Cronbach's alpha, convergent validity, and modeling of structural equations on the data. Finally, the results of the research led to the complete fitting of the conceptual fashion of the research.

Identify and Rank Employee Performance Assessment Indicators based on Fuzzy Hierarchical Analysis in Education Organization of Khorasan Razavi Province

Fakharian, M.*, Shekari, Gh.A., Zabihi, M.R.

In the present study we tried to do a scientific and systematic study of staff of education organization in Khorasan Razavi province, and utilizes fuzzy AHP method, local indicators and their weights of employee performance evaluation identified. The study population consisted of 35-member team of managers and supervisors of the study organization in different phases of the study (screening criteria, weighting criteria to determine the performance of employees) were questioned. The main tool for data collection in this study was four questionnaires, which was designed according to different purposes. After obtaining approval from the supervisor and senior managers of the education organization of Khorasan Razavi province, was distributed among experts. After collecting the data, analysis required by software SPSS, Excel and Matlab was on the agenda. In this process, analyzes data such as normality tests, t-test, and fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process (Fuzzy AHP) was carried out. Finally, the results led to the identification of 24 indicators in 5 groups, and their final weight was calculated. Also, according to this model, the weight, the study also evaluated the performance of the staff to be given status quo. Accordingly, it was found that the performance of the staff of education organization Khorasan Razavi Province was 74.28. It should be noted that the purpose of applied research, the survey approach is exploratory studies.

Evaluation of Existentialist Approach Towards Education and Its Practicality

Farajzadeh, M.*

Experts and scholars of various ideologies and schools have always had their own theories regarding education; one of these schools of thoughts is existentialism. Existentialism focuses on anthropologic viewpoints, criticizes any instrumental approach toward human beings, and firmly believes in their liberty and free will. From existentialism point of view, human’s free will in decision making would lead to higher commitment and responsibility. Unlike systematic worldviews provided by more conservative philosophies, existentialism tries to release humans from such categorized materialistic bonds. It values human mind, individual freedom, and personal responsibility and audaciously describes human as an individual who is solely responsible for his own life (Shokoohi, 1999, P 54). The purpose of many humanist programs is self-actualization in which learning experiences should lead to a clash between cognitive and emotional dimensions of students’ personality. One of the most important subjects in anthropologic education is the development of self-concept in students. Therefore, anthropologists try to create such an environment that helps their students to achieve a positive self-concept. Communication skills are another important subject that are valued by anthropologic education (Poor Alireza Tootlake, 2009, P 4-5). As existentialism views have always focused on humanism, this school of though is firmly against any educational system that lowers an individual’s value to a mere role-player. This article tries to evaluate the anthropologic views of existentialism towards education and its practical value.