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Denisia (Vol. 73, No. 3; 2016)

Present a Predictive Model Based on Independent Auditor Opinions with Imperialist Competitive Algorithm

Zou, D.*, Wu, F., Schinment, A.

The increasing complexity of information systems and auditors in relation to time and cost constraints result in the development of data mining in the process of accounting and auditing. The aim of this study is a presenting of predicting model of auditor's opinion using data mining and logistic linear model and compare their performance. The statistic population sample is 330 companies listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange during the period 2000-2015 years. In this study, we have used the financial and non-financial variables such as the indicators of liquidity, asset management, profitability, debt management, growth and firm size, employee productivity, corporate governance, bankruptcy, corporate performance and other factors in order to predict the auditor's opinion. According to the results of the study, it is founded that the Neural network-based model is possible the maximum power in identifying the type of comment with the accuracy of 93 percent compared with other methods. Moreover, the variable current ratio, return on investment, debt ratio, type of audit report last year, the ratio of net income and lose money assets of the company, effective variable in identifying the type of auditor's opinion.

A Review of Managers’ Entrepreneurial Personality Dimensions in Employing Management Accounting

Rezvani Raz, K.*

This research reviews of managers’ entrepreneurial personality dimensions in employing management accounting among active industrial and production co’s in Khuzestan. To answer questions, Likert scale standard was used and for assessing reliability and validity of questionnaire, Cronbach’s Alpha was used. It is noteworthy that for testing normalization of entrepreneurial dimension, Smirnov test was used. Also, for reviewing the link between variables, the Chi-square test was employed. In addition, the statistical community of the study included active industrial and production companies in Khuzestan province of Iran. Evidence obtained from other research suggests that managers’ innovation, managers’ risk taking, managers’ competitiveness and managers’ activism can be influential in employment of management accounting. This study is tested on the intended sample the results of which show that only innovation and creativity dimensions are effective in method of employing accounting techniques and other dimensions are not related to accounting methods in Khuzestan province cooperatives.

The Credit Risk and Operational Impact on the Effectiveness of the Private Banks in the Urban Economy in Malaysia

Carter, S.*, Mounche, K., Malcomm, B.

The main purpose of this article is the investigation of effect of banking risks, including credit risk and operational risk, on the effectiveness of banks in the urban economy. Here, the effectiveness is defined as the ratio of costs to operating income. Also, the effectiveness of risk and control variables including liquidity and volume of deposits and economic growth have been investigated. Based on panel data methodology, the appropriate test for this purpose was determined the F test. Implementation of this test is thus the specified model was estimated using fixed effects. First, it is estimated by the combined effects of time. After estimating the fixed effects model and common methods, in both cases the sum of squared residuals derived, and F test statistic is calculated. In this paper, considering the principle to investigate the effect of credit risk and operational risk on the effectiveness of private banks in Malaysia, the multivariate regression models were used.

The Impact of Multiple Features of Corporate Governance on the Cost of Capital of Firms Listed in the Tehran Stock Exchange

Alboghobeysh, M.B., Ramezan Ahmadi, M.*

Corporate governance is the system by which business corporations, monitored and controlled. According to the research if the companies in order to improve the state of corporate governance strive to positively impact the company's various components, including, performance, value, can be now. Corporate governance procedures also can finance a company and thus affect its cost of capital. Conceptually, a company's cost of capital is the opportunity cost of capital to invest in that company. The cost of capital is important from two aspects, the first dimension is that all securities valuation models are based on the cost of capital. The second dimension is that investment of funds by the company and to determine investment priorities and determine the capital structure would not be feasible without the cost of capital. The aim of this study was to investigate the impact of corporate governance on firms listed in the Tehran Stock Exchange is the cost of capital. Corporate governance has different dimensions in this study to assess the structure of ownership (state ownership, institutional ownership, managerial ownership, ownership concentration) and board characteristics (board size and Outside Directors) is used. For judgment sampling and systematic elimination in the period 2009 to 2013 is selected. The regression results among samples showed different aspects of corporate governance have significant influence on the cost of capital.

The Relationship between the Product Market Competition and the Corporate Investment Decisions; Evidence from Tehran Stock Exchange from 2012 to 2015

Abdoullahi Saedi, H., Rekabdar, G.*

The literature associated with the corporate governance has demonstrated significant and positive influence of the market supervision and the corporate governance to resolution of agency problems between managers and shareholders. Anyway, the relationship between the product market competition and the managerial investment decisions has not been studied extensively. The aim of research is investigating relationship between the product market competition and the investment decisions in Tehran Stock Exchange during 2012 to 2015. In order to test the research hypothesis, the OLS method have been used based on panel data approach. In this research, the data of 78 companies have been used during five years from 2012. The findings indicate that, there is a significant relationship between the product market competition and the investment decisions. In this way, the relation between the product market competition and risk-taking in under investment cases was negative. Moreover, other results show that there isn’t a relations between the product market competition and the over investment.

Evaluation of Business Intelligence in Active Advertising Companies in Tehran based on DEMATEL_ANP Process

Ehtesham Rasi, R., Zamani Khani, Sh.*

This study aims to provide weighting model (dimensions and indicators), business intelligence in marketing and advertising industry based on Fuzzy ANP was carried out. The population of the study was a team of 20 experts based on "judgment" were selected. Common features included in the team of experts, their knowledge and nobility to marketing and advertising industry, management and system issues, and their interest in participating in this study. Also, data collection tool in this study, questionnaire that according to different purposes was designed and after approval from supervisor was distributed among the population. After collecting the data collection, analysis required by software SPSS, Matlab and Excel on the agenda. In this process, analyzes such as t-test (t), exploratory factor analysis, analysis of Dematel, and Fuzzy ANP was carried out. Finally, the results led to the identification of four main dimensions (adapting to the needs and business objectives, technical performance, business intelligence systems, flexibility, and the ability to integrate and merge the experiences and needs) and 13 indexes and overall their final weight was calculated. It should be noted that research in term of purpose is applied, survey approach is exploratory studies.

The Effects of Accounting Professionals Behavior on the Corporate Financial Performance

Signers, D.*, Hammond, T., Janson, K.

In this article, investigated the role of ethics in accounting. The author believes that business is today requires social interaction and moral considerations. For profit does not justify immoral activity requirements, and neglect socially acceptable practices. Decision-making process for structural and through verify compliance with ethical criteria, developed by the professional bodies, or the moral values ​​of society, In the economically developed world today, is undoubtedly critical accounting professionals, because the current economic system can not exist without it. If there is no way to calculate the wealth of the world and their distribution, Trade and commerce will stop. Because it is subject to the performance of financial markets do their trading based on true picture of the financial value of assets exchanged, and this is possible only by accountants.

The Requirement to Utilize Environmental Accounting In the Firms Operating in Industries China

Kwe, R.*, Zhung, D., Seixo, G.

This article is about the accounting environment, which is a new and emerging issues in the field of accounting. Also, how to deal with it in developing countries. Aims to examine the relationship between environmental accounting and environmental information, as well as environmental accounting and reporting challenges. In addition, in this study we have tried to kind of accounting reporting format to be discussed. In different countries, as well as voluntary disclosure issues. Also, given that in recent years especially this year pollution in the world is a growing trend. Dardnd in industries contribute to harmful pollutants. Prevention is always better than cure. Assentingly, to reduce pollution through the impact of financial disclosure and provide information to management expenses, this step is taken. Finally, we have tried Tashkl reporting studied as compared to developed countries adhered.

Identifying and Prioritizing the Implementation Indices of Green Information Technology in Electronic Government

Shojaee, E.*, Faghihi, M., Afshar Kazemi, M.A.

This study aims to identifying and prioritizing the implementation indices of Green information technology in electronic government was done. The population of this study, groups of 32, each comprised experts in the field of ICT Institute for International Energy Studies both on stage and perform on stage paired comparisons identify the dimensions and indicators identified, were questioned. To select these people, we tried the method of "judgment" is used most informed people in the field of research, engaged in the research process. Also, collect the data in this study, questionnaire that was designed according to different targets and after approval from supervisor among the population was distributed. It is noteworthy that after the distribution and data collection, analysis required by SPSS, Excel and SuperDecision software on the agenda. In this process, analyzes such as t-test (t), and ANP (ANP) was carried out. Finally, the results of the study were to identify 22 indicators in 4 main criteria. It should be noted that the purpose of applied research, survey research is exploratory in approach.

A Model to Analyze and Evaluate Suppliers of ICT Infrastructure and Tools based on Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Decision Approach with an Emphasis on Smart Schools in the Department of Education Region 9 Tehran

Ehtesham Rasi, R., Alipour, A.*

The research aims to provide a model to analyze and evaluate suppliers of ICT infrastructure and tools based on fuzzy multi-criteria decision approach with an emphasis on smart schools in the department of education region 9 Tehran was done. The population of the study, senior managers of Department of Education District 9 of Tehran and a number of academics and consultants were information and communication technology both on stage and perform on stage paired comparisons identify measures, were questioned. It is noteworthy that the group of experts in the selection process, the method of “judgment sampling" was used. Accordingly, the group of 20 experts participated in the study were selected. The main tool for data collection in this study was questionnaires which were designed according to different targets and after approval from supervisor was distributed among the population. After collecting the data collection, analysis required by software SPSS, Matlab and Excel on the agenda. In this process, analyzes such as t-test (t), and fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process (Fuzzy AHP) was carried out. Finally, the results led to the identification of four main criteria (supplier’s criteria, product performance criteria, service performance criteria, cost criteria) and item 27 and overall their final weight was calculated. It should be noted that purpose of applied research, survey research is exploratory in approach.

Evaluation of Investment Failure and Success Factors Using Fuzzy Hierarchical Analysis

Gorgee, K.*, Diana, A., Kisse, H.

The aim of this study is to evaluate the failure and investment success in the form of a case study in public investment company using fuzzy hierarchical analysis. The method is applied in terms of purpose, this is also a description of the survey in terms of data collection. The study population included managers and experts of the company. The sample included 150 managers who were selected using random sampling method judgment. The data collection tool was a researcher made questionnaire. The reliability has been confirmed using content validity. The results of the analysis indicate that among the main criteria for research, Economic factors have the greatest impact on investment failure and success. While variables including business environment, internal factors, industry conditions, regulatory factors, legal, political and social factors - cultural importance in the future. In total, according to data gathering and analysis carried out, the conceptual model of research would be accepted.

The Banking Service Quality Based on EFQM Model and Its Impact on Customer Satisfaction (Case Study: Customers in Branches of Nour Financial and Credit Institution in Hormozgan Province)

Rezaei, Y.*, Hamidifar, F.

The aim of this study is to evaluate the service quality based on the EFQM model and its impact on customer satisfaction. This study is applied in terms of purpose and descriptive survey in terms of data collection. The study population included all consumers in Nour Financial and Credit Institution in Hormozgan Province. Because of unlimited population sampling is done randomly. The research tool is the standard questionnaire taken from Mukesh Kumar (2012) with the reliability of 0.405 and reliability of 0.43. Smirnov-Kolmogorov normalization test is used for normalization, the regression test and Pearson's correlation coefficient tests are used to describe the relationship and the predictive value of the variables and variance analysis test is used to study the impact of variables on each other. The research results showed that the banking service quality has a positive effect on the customer satisfaction of Nour Financial and Credit Institution in Hormozgan Province. The main variables including component of reliability of banking services, accountability of employees in the banks and appearance are among the quality dimensions of banking services that have a positive impact on customers’ satisfaction in Nour Financial and Credit Institution Bank branches in Fars province. Components of the policy and strategy of EFQM Quality Management dimensions have a positive impact on customers’ satisfaction in Nour Financial and Credit Institution Bank branches in Fars province. But components of leadership, participation and interest of EFQM Quality Management dimensions have no impact on customers’ satisfaction and the hypotheses are rejected.

A Review of Dividend Changes with Consideration of Stock Price Features in Companies Listed at the Tehran Stock Exchange

Kamali, H., Neysi, A.*

Optimum decision making in stock markets requires appropriate tools and techniques for the analysis and selection of the best investment options and firms’ financial statements are among the most important financial information for basic analysis of company stocks. Considering that the most important concepts in investment decisions are share price and dividend, this research endeavors to review the relation of some of the share price characteristics (share private information, abnormal returns, combined share private information and abnormal returns) with dividend changes. To determine the statistical sample, we used the systematic elimination method and finally, a sample of 137 firms listed at the Tehran Stock Exchange were reviewed for the period between 2009 to 2014 and for testing the research hypotheses, the panel regression model was employed. Results obtained in this research indicated that abnormal returns impact share dividend changes whether in general or in a situation where these changes are positive. Combined share private information and abnormal returns impact share dividend in a state where dividend changes are positive. However, share private information and combined share private information and abnormal returns do not impact share dividend changes generally and in case of negative share dividend changes, none of the share price specifications influence the share dividend changes.

Business Conceptual Models to Improve the Business Environment of SMEs

Derome, W.*, DeSantos, T.

Given that one of the prerequisites for improving business in the country, efforts to stabilize the economy and small businesses and medium businesses for over 95% of the world's countries are included, these firms can considered a good option. In this context, achieving a competitive position for the company, only with the help of a suitable business model possible. A successful business model, represents a better way than the options that can offer more value to a distinct group of customers and bring greater benefits to the company. The ability of a business model, can be a powerful tool for analyzing, testing and evaluation of strategic choices facing an organization. Models must be constantly repeated testing and evaluation carried out and the basis for continuous improvement business model and lead to serious and innovative changes in the model. Rapid changes in the economic environment, culture, politics and technology, resulting in a complex operating environment and the instability of organizations and businesses are dynamic evolution. This leads to unstable situation Business model and modify it over time been sent. In this study, background, business models, business indicators, differences between small and medium enterprises with large firms, a variety of business models in various industries, assessing the business model and descriptive analytic modeling framework and using library resources is discussed and finally the conceptual model due to factors affecting the business environment is provided.

Presented the Concept of Electronic Banking Services Assess the Impact on the Performance of Banks Using the BSC Approach

Jacobson, A.*, MacAdam, F.

The main objective of this study to get a conceptual model to demonstrate and evaluate the impact of e-banking services on the performance of banks is balanced scorecard approach. Today, the greatest opportunity and challenge that organizations face, the use of new technologies to provide optimal service to customers. Banks have also in the context of these technologies in the form of electronic banking, not as a privilege, but as a necessity to provide electronic services convenient, fast and safe to their customers. But there is something in the field of electronic services on how to evaluate the impact of the banks' performance efficiency is that this study seeks to answer it. This research is applicable in term of the purpose. In terms of methodology, research is descriptive - survey. Data collection was done through library research and field data collection was undertaken to quantify and through questionnaires. Data analysis is the Balanced Scorecard approach. The results obtained in this study, all factors considered in the model, in a wide range of research done in this field, have been used. This index includes the ease, effectiveness, stability, security, speed, reliability and attractiveness of using provider of banking services, advertising and a variety of services that have a direct impact on the performance of banks.

Identity the Effective Factors and Preparation Level for Implementing the Knowledge Management thorough the Authentic Frame of Structural Equation Modeling (Case Study: Marun Petrochemical Complex)

Hamzezadeh Daram, M., Hemmati, M.*

The basic aim of this research is to identity the effective factors and preparation level for implementing the knowledge management thorough the authentic frame of structural equation modeling on Marun Petrochemical Complex. The statistical populations for this research consisted all managers and employees of Marun Petrochemical Company and by apply the Cochran's formula, which considered the statistical population is limited therefore 300 persons selected as sample size and distributed 320 questionnaires among the samples. Also regarding the limited statistical population in this study for determining the respondents have used the random sampling method. In addition, by using the LISREL and SPSS software have analyzed the data. This research regarding the statistical population, which studied, was quite new and had included some innovations.

Integrated Production Planning and Tactical Non-periodic Preventive Maintenance to Reduce Costs

Ghasemi, M.*, Rashedi, F., Mohammadi, G.A.

This paper deals with the problem of integrating non-cyclical preventive maintenance and tactical production planning for a single machine. We are given a set of products that must be produced in lots during a specified finite planning horizon. The maintenance policy suggests possible preventive replacements at the beginning of each production planning period, and minimal repair at machine failure. The proposed model determines simultaneously the optimal production plan and the instants of preventive maintenance actions. The objective is to minimize the sum of preventive and corrective maintenance costs, setup costs, holding costs, backorder costs and production costs, while satisfying the demand for all products over the entire horizon. The problem is solved by comparing the results of several multi-product capacitated lot-sizing problems. The value of the integration and that of using non-cyclical preventive maintenance when the demand varies from one period to another are illustrated through a numerical example and validated by a design of experiment. The later has shown that the integration of maintenance and production planning can reduce the total maintenance and production cost and the removal of periodicity constraint is directly affected by the demand fluctuation and can also reduce the total maintenance and production cost.

The Quality Working-life of Management with Self-efficacy and Organization Belonging in Tehran Municipality

Hoseini, Seyed Amirhosein.*, Ebrahimi, Mohammad.

Quality of work-life and individual practice is one of the most important issues in human resources and in today's dedicated a considerable part of the experts' attention to itself. Impact quality of working life, is including its impact on self-efficacy and organizational belonging. Self-efficacy is the main component of social cognitive theory which refers to a person's beliefs and judgments about the ability of their duties and responsibilities. According to this study, Quality of work-life is considered as an independent variable and self-efficacy and organizational belonging considered as the dependent variable. The study of population is included municipal leaders in Tehran. By the using Cochran’s sample 315 persons were selected as a sample. Sampling method it’s random and classified.

Using Hierarchical Genetic Algorithm to Optimize Artificial Neural Networks Grain Scale Based on the Complexity of the Database Applied for Human Identification

Whipple, W.*, Vause, T.

In this paper, a new model of neural network scale is optimized hierarchical genetic algorithm. This model of a granular approach based on the complexity of the database. In this case the issue of human detection method is based on the test. Essex and ORL database is used for the efficiency of the proposed method. For comparison with other things, four cases have been created three to essex database and one for ORL. Advertisers using the proposed method are better than the results obtained by other tasks. This emphasis is based on a comparison of results. The original idea for the design of neural networks scale, using a hierarchical genetic algorithm (HOA). Distribution of persons in each granule Pike initial analysis determined that leads to grouping the data with similar complexity. HOA proposed multi-grain neural networks to optimize the different number of data points to phase their training. Which provides that the same evolution, several conclusions can be obtained.

Evaluation of All Types and Sizes with Technology Transfer Recognize Excellence in Investment

Wankilue, S. S.*, Molani, K.

Our understanding of the technology, the definition of the transition states, so it can be technological changes in products, processes and management practices in order to develop visualization and transmission, during the steps. In this direction the technology definitions, types and dimensions of technology transfer, understanding and the understanding of their advantages and methods of transmission, learning and working in the life cycle, we find knowledge. Also by learning the theory of foreign direct investment can be achieved in the context of the citizen relationship management concept, in order to inform and develop positive measures provide transfer.

Identify and Prioritize of Sustainable Development Indicators in Ahwaz City by Using of Multi-criteria Decision Methodology (MCDM)

Yavari, A.*, Nematizadeh, N., Chamani, S.

The research was done aimed to identify and prioritize of sustainable development indicators (Economic, Political, Environmental, Social, and Cultural areas) in Ahwaz city by Using of multi-criteria decision methodology (MCDM). The population of the study, were 35 persons of municipal and provincial senior managers in Ahwaz who were familiar with sustainable urban development. The main tools for data collection in this study, were 3 questionnaires that designed according to different purposes and after approval from the supervisor was distributed among the population. After collecting data, required analysis were done by SPSS, Matlab and Excel softwares. In this process, analyzes such as t-test (t), and fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process (Fuzzy AHP) were carried out. Finally, the results led to the identification of 24 indicators (in 5 group) and their final weight was calculated. It should be noted in term of purpose is applied research, survey research is exploratory in approach.

The Nature of International Banking and Its Relationship with the Phenomenon of Money Laundering

Mohseni, S. M.*, Afshari, M.

Money laundering is one of the considered crimes in modern societies that include the process of becoming illegitimate revenues to legitimate revenues. The mentioned crime has adverse effects on economic and social systems by entering the illicit revenues of fraud, corruption, bribery, smuggling, etc., in to the monetary and banking arteries that makes it necessary to identify and counter the money laundering crime at the domestic and international level of societies. In this regard, many international and domestic communities have developed laws in order to combat money laundering that two international conventions of Palermo and Merida, have been ratified to combat organized crimes such as money laundering. In addition, in Iranian low, ratifying the law of combating money laundering emphasized on the importance of banks and financial institutions in the process of combat money laundering that obliged all banks to exert more control over their bank transfers. With regard to the importance of banking role in the process of money laundering, it can be implied that there is a specified place for the banking that could be applicable to the international banking. Accordingly, with reviewing the Iranian and international laws in related to combating money laundering, the researcher have found that even though banking is one of the requirements in the process of combating money laundering in Iranian law and international law; but, Iranian’s legislator does not have specific focus on international cooperation of financial institutions in related to the combating money laundering that it can be one of the weaknesses of Iranian lows in the field of combating money laundering.

The Prospects of Electronic Government: Evidence from Malaysia

McFord, D.*, Rymond, E., Soteel, D.

The main purpose of government is to provide effective service to citizens. So that, more and better meet the needs of the citizens of the state. Office automation, and computer services has been realized to a great extent but the purpose of government is beyond government computers. Using a computer in the structure or methods alone can not lead to achieving the goals of e-government. This increases costs in fact, occur without a change in the decision-making procedures or quality of service. For the successful realization of e-government must fundamentally change the way government works, create new responsibilities for state employees, businesses and citizens. It is obvious that, for the evolution of the different components, all parties should become familiar with new technology. For the realization of e-government, it is required to develop a program and executive that consider all aspects of government there Outlook e-government as a treaty. Commitment with great benefits for all citizens, by creating a more efficient and effective government, with the help of local and international companies, and the use of new multimedia industry. In this article we try to outlook e-government in Malaysia will be considered as one of the top countries in implementing e-government which could fundamentally alter the way government works for the successful realization of e-government.

Review of Audit Tenure, Dysfunctional Behaviors and Professional Commitment to Audit Quality at the Supreme Audit Court

Kepeer, S.*, Shwitcz, T., Siado, G.

The aim of this study is to investigate the tenure of the audit, the auditor dysfunctional behaviors, and professional commitment to the auditor, the audit quality. The present study is a descriptive-survey. To collect information about the Aazmvn assumptions used in the questionnaire. The total number was 1,300 Vansi State Audit Court of Auditors. According to Morgan table, 650 individuals were selected as statistical sample. Simple random sampling was used to select samples. After collecting the information, the data were analyzed with software SPSS. Then the inference, using correlation and multiple regression were tested hypotheses. Cronbach's alpha for the validity of the questionnaire to 86%. the results showed that dysfunctional behaviors significant impact on reducing audit quality. Also, audit tenure has significant effects on audit quality and the auditor's professional commitment is significant positive effect on audit quality.

Assess the Impact of Transfer of Shares from OTC to the Tehran Stock Exchange on the Volume of Stock Trading

Ghorbani, M.*

OTC securities market considered under the supervision of the Securities and Exchange official that is made due to the develop issuance and exchange of financial instruments and cover gaps caused by the lack of access to capital markets for much of the industry. Exclusion of a wide range of business financing in the capital market and dependence of public or private companies to financial security through main Shareholders or receiving facilities of the banking network consider as a origin of the creation of the new securities market. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of transfer of shares from the OTC to the Tehran Stock Exchange trading volume is over. The year 2010-2014 survey of OTC companies gates when Iran Tehran Stock Exchange company and at least 100 days have been transferred to Tehran Stock Exchange last transmission symbol is high. Panel data model were used to test the hypothesis of the model. The results showed a significant effect of transfer of shares from OTC to exchange the volume of stock trading studied companies.

Behavioral Indexes Comparison of the Prevalence and Variety of the Mental Disorders in 6 to12 aged in the Thalassemia Patients with Healthy Individuals in Gorgan City

Rabiee, F.*, Derakhshanpour, F., Babaei, M.

This study compares the prevalence and variety of psychiatric disorders in children between 6 to 12 years old with thalassemia and healthy children in Gorgan in Behavioral Indexes. The Method of the study was cause-comparison and the statistical populations were all children between 6 to 12 years old with thalassemia that referred to Taleghani hospital of Gorgan. Volume of sample is consisted of 100 subjects (50 healthy children and 50 children with thalassemia) were selected as available sampling. To collect data it was used from instrument of questionnaire based on DSM-IV from children's disease signs. The findings showed that the prevalence of psychiatric disorders such as abnormal behavior in thalassemia children between 6 to 12 years old is different from the healthy children but there is no significant difference between prevalence of disorders hyperactivity, confrontational disobedience, obsessive behaviors, mild mood, nocturnal in thalassemia children 6 to 12 years and healthy children. Therefore, this result is obtained that one of the consequences of thalassemia disease can be more prevalence of Behavioral disorders in children with thalassemia.