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Denisia (Vol. 72, No. 3; 2015)

Understanding the Attitude of the Product and Its Application to Develop the Economy Logistics Chain and Goods Transport

Radolf, T.*, Kiuroo, A.

Focus on the need to draw national scene logistic issue is very important from an economic standpoint. Why the government through the valves and special look that understand the need to change existing traditional look at the world of logistics. On the other hand large businesses and government departments can focus on this field of study and research, we identify the coordinates of national, regional and global product chain and logistics, field leakage and provide new ideas. This paper first introduces the fundamentals of literature and product chain and focuses on the attitude to the issue of supply chain, logistics and transport action. Similar literature in the country and abroad are studied. Methodology model to identify the characteristics and the perspective of this article is determined. And then based on the obtained knowledge of the features and components of the product chain is introduced. According to the economic model of logistics, transport of goods in terms of content were prepared. Accordingly, it is certainly the view of logistics, transportation will change with the concept of the product chain.

Assessment Challenges of Foreign Investment and Its Reflection on the Economy

Kerpan, Z.*, Ashloni, D.

Investment as one of the most important and most fundamental economic issues is excellence to sustain economic growth and development is in most countries, especially developing countries. With the passage of time and the emergence of a global economy that comes with the expansion of advanced business theory has led to the growth of the international economy. New variables have been raised as an engine of economic growth. The role and importance of capital and investment in growth patterns and development is considerable. Foreign direct investment as the most effective method of non-loan financing the transfer of modern technology to replace the traditional methods of production. Developing countries to get their share of foreign investment in the world economy will not spare no effort.

Surveying the Influence of Servant Leadership on Employees' Performance (Evidence from Iran)

Mehrmanesh, H.*, Mousavi Mirkolaei, I.

Nowadays human resources plays vital role in organizational success and are considered as strategic weapon for their organizations. The purpose of writing the current paper is to survey the influence of servant leadership on employees’ performance in central staff of social security organization (in Tehran/ Iran). The research is applicable from goal view and descriptive from data collection. Also data collection method is library and fieldwork. To measure servant leadership, seven main dimensions contain agapao love, humility, altruism, trust, vision, service and empowerment. A questionnaire include 65 questions was designed and distributed among 300 employees of central staff of social security organization as statistical sample. The results of utilizing Spearman and Friedman tests illustrated that servant leadership and its dimensions affect significantly on employees’ performance. Meanwhile altruism, Service and agapao love were selected as the most important dimensions. No relationship found between employees’ demographic characteristics with their performance. Finally current situation of the variables were surveyed applying Binomial test in which all of them apart from service and vision were placed in high levels.

Principles and Standards of Professional Ethics Professional Code of Ethics in Accounting

Wankilue, S. S.*, Molani, K.

The growing human societies, and more complex social relations, the emergence of various professions were. Due to the need for more specialized division of labor and of the professions increasingly more effective role in improving social welfare are responsible. The main asset of any business is trust and credibility. The duty of every profession and its members, preservation of capital is obtained. The most important ethical codes of conduct and policies constitute any profession. Contains some original features "professional code of ethics" is called. After professional accountants should not only be qualified, but must have a high degree of integrity, integrity, honesty and fairness are professional. To accepting credit and social respect is indispensable for specialized activities in each letter, was there.

The Effect of Earnings Management, the Most Important Decision Finance Director of Corporate Governance Mechanisms

Windora, L.*, Formandi, L. Butlicam, R.

In recent years, the company's strategy to become one of the main aspects of the business world is dynamic. Due to the dramatically rising. Progress in strategic military exercise takes place at the global level. Good corporate governance firm, healthy life in the long-term targets. For this reason, we are going to, the interests of shareholders against the management of organizations to be protected. Considering the surveillance mechanisms and mechanisms of corporate governance, the aim of this study was to evaluate the impact of some aspects of corporate governance include: board structure, ownership structure, and institutional investors on one of the most important decisions a financial manager management is profit.

The Effect of Performance Indexes in Financial Statement on Quality of Information Disclosure of Listed Companies in Tehran Stock Exchange

Shahriari, E.*, Ramezanahmadi, M., Rezvani Raaz, K., Salehinia, M.

This research aims to investigate the effect of performance indexes in financial statement on quality of information disclosure of listed companies in Tehran stock exchange. The statistical population of research was involved all companies listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange. In addition, sampling method was systematic random. According to the research study period, the last 6 years period when company data is provided in full were considered, when is equal to the years 2008 to 2014. Therefore, the companies that have been present in the studied period continuously and also the information of them was accessible were involved as the study population. To investigate the relationship at least 14 variable were considered in 7 year for 263 companies listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange. The result shows that there is a significant relationship between the performance indexes such as current ratio and the quick ratio, liquidity ratio, with return on assets in very high level probability. In addition, there is a significant and positive relationship between the variables of quick ratio, operating profit margin, earnings per share, fixed asset turnover ratio with the variable of disclosure.

Impact of Oil Revenues on the Added Value of the Industrial Sector in Mena Countries

Hinmo, K. K.*, Loardin, T.

Oil is one of the most important cities in the world's known energy resources. Economic and industrial development in countries around the world largely on the amount and level of communication is efficient use of this energy carrier.is especially important. For this reason, in this paper, the effect of oil revenues on the added value of the industrial sector in selected countries in the MENA, GLS and using panel data for the period 1995-2007 has been tested. Results indicate that, a significant negative correlation between government size, population and industrial sector value added in the country's oil revenues. While physical fixed investment, employment and exchange rates have a significant positive effect on the value of the mentioned countries.

An Analysis on Lifestyle and its Relations with Economical and Cultural Capital; A Case Study: Shiraz and Yasouj University Students

Mirfardi, A.*, Hashemi Anaa, S. H.

The current study deals with investigations on the relations between economic and cultural capitals with Shiraz and Yasouj University students lifestyle. Methodology, gauging, and data collecting tools were via verified questionnaires. The statistical population was considered to be students of Shiraz and Yasouj University in the academic year of 2014-2015. The number of Shiraz University students was 19000, and that of Yasouj was 7000. The complementary samples for Shiraz University were 330 and for Yasouj University were 332 people. The main hypotheses of this research are the effect of economic capital on the lifestyle of Shiraz and Yasouj University students, and the influence of cultural capital on the life of these students.