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Denisia (Vol. 71, No. 2; 2014)

Test the Relationship Between Overconfidence Managers and Financial Leverage: With a Focus on Theory and the Theory of Parallel Hierarchical Static

Basil, S.*, Karimsade, R.

In this study, the relationship between overconfidence managers and financial leverage test is focused on the theory of hierarchical and static trade-off theory. The sample of 400 companies listed on the German stock exchange within the time period from 2000 to 2012. Based on multivariate regression model combines research hypotheses were tested. Evidence suggests a significant negative relationship between overconfidence managers and financial leverage. In fact, less leverage financing through debt managers have more confidence. This result is consistent with the hierarchical theory. Other results showed that the ratio of interest payments and a significant and negative effect on the profitability of financial leverage. While growth is a significant and positive effect on financial leverage. In other words, firms with less cash than interest payments, less profit, more growth, more financial leverage. These results are consistent with the theory is hierarchical.

The Effect of Agricultural Exports on Economic Growth in a Selection of Countries

Phonicolp, S. D.*, Wording, L.K., Sinkalo, M.

The importance of non-oil exports and its role in economic growth has always been considered one of the most important economic issues. Exports expanded access to foreign markets, increase production and achieve a sustainable growth economy. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of exports on economic growth in the agricultural sector, Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon, Sudan and Nigeria during the years 2000-2010. For this purpose, panel data method is used. The results indicate that there is a significant positive relationship between agricultural exports. According to the results of model estimation is positive relation between the variable gross capital formation and economic growth. In fact, the increase in the volume of investments can lead to increased economic strength and reducing imports, increasing foreign exchange reserves and move towards economic progress is faster. Obviously equip the workforce with higher capital productivity adds the important factor of production. Finally, the result of a positive relationship between the agricultural sector and economic growth.

The Effect of Fdi on Economic Growth, Job Comparison Between Asian and European Countries

Bojoo, J.*, Kiyoo, S.

Investment is seen as the engine of growth and economic development. But countries that are usually justified by a lack of capital in the not too distant past have used to compensate for lack of funds from foreign borrowing. But because of the crisis caused by the low countries tried to repay their foreign direct investment. In fact, the broad impact of foreign direct investment, suggesting the role of foreign investment in their economic prosperity. According to a survey carried out in recent years, indices and symbols of globalization, foreign direct investment, GDP countries in the world. Considering the importance of this issue, this study attempts to influence foreign direct investment on economic growth in check. The period 2002-2012 among European and Asian countries. The results show that FDI has a positive impact on economic growth. Therefore, foreign direct investment through the accumulation of physical capital directly lead to increased economic growth.

Empirically Test the Relationship Between Conditional Conservatism and Adherence Cost

Qu, S.*, Wuo, F.

The main objective of this study was to empirically test the relationship between accounting conservatism and adherence cost companies listed on the stock exchange in Germany. Dependent variable, the adhesion is cost. To measure the Anderson model 2003 was used. Independent variables, conservative accounting, a condition that Basu's model 1997 was used to measure it. To perform the analysis of 500 companies listed on Stock Exchange in the period 2000-2010 were considered. Research hypotheses using panel data regression methods or a combination were tested. The results indicate that the negative correlation between accounting conservatism and adherence cost there provided. Also part of the analysis to control the results of the original research hypothesis testing, the test was used for statistical comparison and cross-sectional multivariate regression method. The results showed that observed with sticky are conservative behavior. But in view of the bonding behavior was not obtained evidence of conservative treatment.

Present a Model Using Anfis Method for the Evaluation and Ranking of Business Plan

Attoe, W.*, Ackley, S.

Businesses in today's world can not do without planning to have a growing move. Now the company is trying to achieve organizational goals, strategic move in line with management criteria. Balanced Score Card One of the common methods used in the formulation of company strategies. Which plays an important role in determining the roadmap. Research has shown that, if companies move towards strategic management, better able to achieve their organizational goals. Business Approaches One of the things that plays an important role in the company's direction. Given the importance of the direction of the business plan, in this article using ANFIS business plan ranked. By doing this is that, after determining the business, experts will be asked to evaluate business plans in line with the objectives of the Balanced Scorecard four children and their competitors. Then determine the appropriate functions in ANFIS This business plan will be evaluated and ranked.