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Denisia (Vol. 71, No. 1; 2014)

Structural Model of Leadership and Organizational Performance Improvement Component

Kerpan, Z.*, Ashloni, D.

Changing environment of today's business environment, competitive and full of ambiguity has become. That more and more organizations are forced to continuously improve its own performance. The key to improving performance, the existence of effective leadership as the unmatched success of any organization. Since effective leadership starts with self-leadership. According to the phenomenon of self-leadership, can facilitate this. The purpose of this paper is a model for self-leadership dimensions and component performance improvements. In the end, the main hypothesis was fifteen. The research method used is descriptive and applied. And data collection tools, questionnaires are standardized. The study population consisted of 160 employees of the Department of Economic Affairs in New Jersey. The results showed that each dimension of leadership on the components of the positive impact and significant performance improvements. Therefore, it is recommended that the guidance for staff work, the leadership as a stimulant used to improve organizational performance.

Enhancing the Effectiveness of Risk Management Using Project Management

Soniyo, B.*, Andera, K.

Due to the risk management, creating opportunities to reduce cost, improve quality, improve manufacturing flexibility, reduced development time, increased longevity and even combine items. Squeezed managers to accept and apply the proposed change, though on the one hand, and their responsibility toward jurisdictions with the risk on the other hand, often puts them in a difficult situation. So managers refuse to accept these risks because of uncertainty about how much risk options presented in the project studies. Finally, the proposed method compilation and risk analysis with the help of AHP as a result of this article is offered.

The Relationship Between the Quality of Accounting and Conditional and Unconditional Conservatism

Ponjiko, D.*, Lerdado, W.

This study examines the relationship between conservatism and conditional and unconditional. And the effect of high-quality disclosure on conditional conservatism and unconditional used in the financial statements review. For this purpose the information listed Chinese companies have been used during the years 1998-2008. To measure the quality of financial reporting of the classification has been used in the field Stock Exchange. The results showed that there is a significant relationship between conditional conservatism and the quality of accounting information. But less unconditional conservatism quality information on companies down there. In companies with low quality conditional conservatism and unconditional inverse relationship with each other. However, companies with high-quality accounting information conservatism was found between the two types.

The Effect of Agency Costs and Financial Leverage on the Cost of Capital

Putnam, S.*, Oberling, A.

The aim of this study is to investigate the effect of agency costs and leverage on the cost of capital stock companies in Canada. For this purpose, the data of 430 companies operating in the stock Canada over the period 2003-2013, using panel data regression and software eviews. The results of the study showed that that there is a negative relationship between representation expenses and cost of capital. There is a significant positive relationship between financial leverage the company's cost of capital. The results also showed that there is a significant positive relationship between earnings per share and cost of capital. Company size was not approved, but the impact on the cost of capital.

The Consequences of Employee Based Brand Equity

Indloriya, L.*, Britoli, S.

Today, the concept of brand equity in the field of marketing and brand management has attracted the attention of researchers. Such a theoretical draw attention to the high level of importance on building, maintaining and use of brands is to gain strategic advantage. Two former perspective, brand equity based on consumer or examined the financial perspective. The aim of this study was to evaluate the outcomes and benefits are employee based brand equity. This study was applied research. The required data through questionnaires among 320 employees and 3 star hotels, 4 star Geneva were collected. The results show that, on the basis of employee equity to citizenship behavior and employee satisfaction. It ultimately leads to positive word of mouth advertising is the staff