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Denisia (Vol. 70, No. 1; 2013)

Assessment and Performance Management Approach to Business Excellence

Redmon, S.*, Schiffer, A.

This paper presents a descriptive theory on the assessment and management performance. Using descriptive and library study, movement of administrative review, and from a different perspective to the issue of human resources and performance assessment looks. Classical management perspective, human resources as a tool to achieve the objectives knows. Contemporary theories, human resources strategic partner know. To fit each man's place in the organization to introduce different patterns and models to assess and manage the performance of employees have paid. Each of these models have their limitations and advantages and applications. Finally Excellence Model as a favorable model for the evaluation and performance management is recommended.

Financial Markets and the Choice of Optimal Portfolio for Early Release in Exchange Los Angeles

Golodetz, D.*, Congdon, B.

In this paper, the risk and return, Initial Public Offerings financial ratios, strategic and market-based investment irregularities, has been investigated. From a risk and return as two main parameters decisions model was used. The purpose of efficient portfolio is discussed. Short term stock returns of companies studied in Los Angeles is a newcomer to the stock market. The results show that, pricing the shares of these companies in a weak stock market. The issue has caused, short-term returns of buy and sell shares of these companies more than short-term returns during the same period the market.

Evaluate the Benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting as One of the Marketing Tool

Terhune, T.*, Maged, Z.

CSR reporting is increasingly the subject of research in the scientific literature becomes developed countries. CSR report writing application When a business development and social progress and expectations and needs of stakeholders is investigated. Therefore, it is important for a business to create a competitive advantage. Management reporting, social responsibility also checked when creating business value. On the other hand, some scientists are trying to prove that in his papers, report writing and print reporting about the activities of social responsibility is not necessarily a positive impact on business. Group shareholders' requests for information do not have a lot of socially responsible business. The main objectives of this paper are Assess the benefits of social responsibility report as a marketing tool; Check evolution social responsibility reporting; and Check organizing theoretical aspects of social responsibility in marketing reporting.

The Effect of Integrated Management System Ims on the Performance of the Organization With the Approach of the Efqm Business Excellence Model

Basil, S.*, Karimsade, R.

Institutions that want to provide their customers varied demands and expectations, and are always bustling market remain internationally competitive. In addition to the effectiveness of management systems, their attention to the performance of activities carried out in this area are also focused. Organizational excellence models are considered a powerful tool in evaluating the performance of organizations. Many organizations in the world have benefited from this. Because (EFQM) is one of the most common models. Results of such assessments can improve the performance evaluation. In this paper, the impact on the company's performance management system integrated power distribution elements were investigated. In each of the 9 criteria Excellence is presented separately. The results showed that, benchmark results to the client with the growth rate was 73% in the first category. Benchmark results were employees at a rate of 52% in the second. And to process standard rate was 24% in the third.

Prioritize the Importance of Energy Management Solutions for Bank Branches

Bojoo, J.*, Kiyoo, S.

One of the most important issues in the energy sector, reduce losses and optimize energy consumption. Energy management requires that the source of casualties in each of the identified consumer segments. After that, take corrective action. Due to high energy consumption in public buildings, optimizing energy consumption in this sector is essential. On the other hand, banks as one of the most important firms in the country needs maximum sustained profitability. It depends increase revenue and reduce costs. In this regard, reduce energy costs inside buildings banks can play a major role in this way. However, the use of energy management solutions are time-consuming and sometimes costly. So that managers and officials to implement the guidelines are satisfied only in certain circumstances. Accordingly, the views of the people in this area is very important. Hence, the priority of each of these methods of separation of energy management solutions in heating and cooling, lighting and office machines in branches of the Bank of Japan is the main mission of this research. In this study, using the software Expert Choice AHP is used. The data collected in this study questionnaire. The results of this study show that, from the point of view of energy consumption and management solutions mangers and employees according to gender, position and education activities related to heating and cooling, reduce consumption and reduce consumption in lighting the office machines, respectively, have been more acceptable.