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Denisia (Vol. 69, No. 2; 2012)

Reengineering the Organizational Structure of Executive Agencies in Accordance With the Structure Empowers Organizations

Cheni, W.* Joag, D.

Reengineering means fundamental rethinking and radical redesign processes to achieve dramatic improvements in critical measures of performance such as cost, quality, speed and service. This concept was introduced in 1990 by Michael Hammer. This new approach significant improvements in organizational performance standards promised. But in practice, its implementation was faced with multiple problems. About 73 percent of reengineering projects without achieving the expected results, failed. Enabling new ways to survive in the competitive environment is leading organizations to higher quality and quantity of services. Structural aspects of the factors that can be effective in empowering employees. In the study, the expression of definitions and processes re-engineering, organizational structure reengineering model fits with formidable structure has been described.

The Relationship Between Capital Structure and Exchange Rate of Return on Assets in Canada

Weeloo, D.*, Eradel, S.

The capital structure is primarily one of the most important issues in modern financial theory. Only in recent years has not been raised, but in the past few decades has been the focus of researchers. On the other hand, cash management objective is to limit the levels of cash in the company, to maximize shareholder wealth. The main objective of this study was to investigate the relationship between capital structure and rate of return on assets of companies listed on the stock exchange during the period 2000-2008 is Canada. In this regard, the independent variable capital structure and return on assets as the dependent variable. As well as the control variable is the size of the company. In general, the theoretical foundations of the method of data collection in the library and in the hypothesis testing method used is Asnadkavy companies financial statements. The statistical methods used in this study were Pearson correlation and multiple regression. The results showed that the rate of return on assets and capital structure, company size and significant inverse relationship.

The Relationship Between Abnormal Returns in Terms of Economic Indicators and Market Structure Market

Derome, W.*, DeSantos, T.

The aim of this study is to investigate the relationship between abnormal returns in terms of economic indicators of market structure and market. The research in the period 2002-2012 on the Stock Exchange is Germany. The data of 550 companies was studied for the period. Data needed for the research and study of basic financial software companies listed in the German stock exchange were collected elements. The results indicate that the linear relationship between the general trend of the market and market depth with unusual efficiency in terms of market boom. There is also a significant relationship between market depth, market volume and market size company abnormal returns in terms of market downturn.

Self-control of Performance and Performance-based Rewards Effect on Job Satisfaction

Osher, A.*, Linebaugh, B.

Job satisfaction is total feelings that person's has his job. A person with high job satisfaction, positive emotions there. A person who is dissatisfied with his job and feels negative about the job. Yield control to monitor proper behaviors, activities and processes that staff to achieve project goals. Control functions include planning, monitoring and analyzing the results. The reward system is a set of measures to compensate for the inconvenience suffered by an individual in the organization. Bonus to any agent effective for actuation, do a better job of keeping workers said. An overview of the findings of the previous study the effect of controlling performance and performance-based bonuses on job satisfaction surveys. In many studies a negative impact on job satisfaction has been proven performance control. The research was carried out in performance-based bonuses had a positive impact on job satisfaction.

Impact on High Value Customer Marketing, Sales and Customer-oriented Culture and Market Performance

Woni, T.*, Ralu, M.

The aim of this study is to evaluate the effect on the value of customer relationship marketing, sales and customer-oriented culture and market performance. The aim of the study is applicable Ali studies. Because of structural equations statistical technique, which explores the causal relationship between the variables concerned, is used. Cronbach's alpha of 0.97 was obtained. To analyze the data, structural equation modeling using LISREL software is used. The results show that the variable customer-oriented culture based on customer value, customer value and high impact on market performance.