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Denisia (Vol. 68, No. 2; 2011)

The Historical Background of the Portfolio Evaluation Research and Development Projects With Fuzzy Approach the Real Deal

Xerenda, K.*, lipo, D.

Difficult to evaluate projects using the net present value of cash flows NPV, lack of attention to project risks, and options lies in their projects. Real options approach the problems mentioned in the NPV method has greatly relieved. Another issue that will be discussed today by some researchers, the valuation of the portfolio of projects is research and development. Sure existing projects in the portfolio will have an impact on our cash flows. Project cash flows are also affected by the project at the same time competitors as well. Enjoy as an uncertainty or risks should be considered to address this issue.

Evaluate and Agility of Human Resources

Putnam, S.*, Oberling, A.

The emergence of new approaches to manufacturing and engineering industries, rather than hard factors to affect metal products, soft factors will affect it. In the era of agility can not be predicted and planned everything beforehand. The results will not be using traditional methods. Agile, flexible human resources must meet a set of capabilities that can overcome the instability. In this study, using research related to agility, the framework provides. The Delphi method and expert judgment and chain sampling model was prepared according to experts. Verified models with four-stage Delphi Panel of Experts with five dimensions, and multiple indicators of human resources for the final agility. Intelligence and awareness, multiple competencies, knowledge management, culture, empowerment, information system. It will equip human resources that organizations not only reduce their risk of exposure to uncertainty, but also a step in the direction of their agile.

Pathology Performance Evaluation System for Government Organizations

Whipple, W.*, Vause, T.

Today, organizations are indispensable to the survival of human capital in the organization and gain sustainable competitive advantages are realized. For this purpose tools to maintain and develop the capital inimitable and employ alternative. One of the ways of improvement desired, using optimal system performance evaluation. Both organizational and individual performance assessment is applicable. Individual level assessment of the employees and management practices are implemented. Current methods of performance evaluation in many organizations has a serious injury and deviations running. Which caused the appraisal system fails to achieve its objectives and philosophy. This paper reviews aspects, concepts, applications and employee performance evaluation process for evaluating the performance of government agencies trying to identify the current system damage. And to eliminate or reduce damage from these deviations and proposes solutions.

Evaluation of Social Responsibility in Creating Economic and Market Value

Lordinkaro, P.* , Zablotsky, C. Young, T.

In this paper, the effect of corporate social responsibility CSR VAT is investigated in Turkish stock companies. Standardized questionnaires were used to measure social responsibility is. 180 companies listed on the stock exchange since 2001-2009 in Turkey is investigated. Data were collected value-added, corporate financial statements and reports of the exchange. Data were collected social responsibility, the questionnaire. After the reliability of the survey sample was divided among members. After collection, data were analyzed using SPSS statistical software. Hypotheses were tested. The results show that, between social responsibility and economic value added and market value added there is a direct and significant relationship.

Failure Risk Analysis Using the Ccr-ar and Ccr in an Atmosphere of Uncertainty

Rbyarmhmdy, J.* , Prouty, B. Quartuccio, D.

Failure analysis and engineering work that way. That errors and potential problems in the system design. Product manufacturing processes defines products and services. And identify and fix them. Analysis of error conditions using standard and its effects must be based on a pattern and a specific system. In fact, this technique is a proactive action, not reaction. Namely to prevent the occurrence believes. It can be noted from to produce the same RPN for different numbers. In this study, we tried that, using data envelopment analysis and fuzzy concepts to overcome the shortcomings of this method. The aim of the study was to provide a new method for increasing the ability to evaluate failure modes (FMEA) is. This research approach is excellent for failure analysis. Which can overcome the shortcomings of traditional FMEA. It was an attempt by the inclusion of a system of decision-making decision-making more scientific and prioritize action to address deficiencies FMEA is a common model.